Upstreaming Mercurial packaging for Sandstorm

Sean Farley sean at
Fri Jul 8 15:56:56 EDT 2016

Ross Light <ross at> writes:

> Hi Mercurial Devs,
> I recently packaged Mercurial
> <>
> as a Sandstorm app.  Sandstorm is a platform for hosting web apps as
> containers.  It emphasizes making apps easy to use and install for
> end-users: you can use that link to create a new Mercurial server in
> seconds.  More about the project at
> My packaging was relatively straightforward and is basically just a
> directory that contains the nginx config, hgrc, and a handful of bash
> scripts to put things in the right place in the container.  You can find
> the source here <>.

Looks neat! Thanks!

> Would there be interest in me submitting this to the upstream contrib/
> directory?

I would think so. Anyone see possible downsides?

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