Upstreaming Mercurial packaging for Sandstorm

Anton Shestakov engored at
Sat Jul 9 02:54:25 EDT 2016

09.07.2016, 03:05, "Ross Light" <ross at>:
> Hi Mercurial Devs,
> I recently packaged Mercurial as a Sandstorm app.  Sandstorm is a platform for hosting web apps as containers.  It emphasizes making apps easy to use and install for end-users: you can use that link to create a new Mercurial server in seconds.  More about the project at

The demo looks fine. The whole "cat >> ~/.hgrc <<EOF" message looks a bit verbose, but is definitely helpful.

> My packaging was relatively straightforward and is basically just a directory that contains the nginx config, hgrc, and a handful of bash scripts to put things in the right place in the container.  You can find the source here.

Considering this thing is good for quickly sharing repos, you may want to also enable archives (hg help config.web.allow_archive). For better looks, highlight extension (requires python-pygments) for syntax highlighting.

> Would there be interest in me submitting this to the upstream contrib/ directory?

Why not? But since there's a lot of new files, it could be better to start with some small and easy patches so that people can follow the context and you can get into our review process.

Also not sure how to deal with the duplication of paper templates yet.

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