hgbook: chapter on templates

Sean Farley sean at farley.io
Tue Jul 19 14:29:54 EDT 2016

Mathias De Maré <mathias.demare at gmail.com> writes:

> Hello all,
> it's been quite a while since I sent around another chapter. I'm afraid I
> had other topics to focus on.
> I've reworked the chapter 'Customizing the output of Mercurial' to discuss
> templates (rather than the old '--style' option).
> You can read the chapter at hgbook.org: http://hgbook.org/read/template.html
> Feedback is welcome (be it in reply to this mail, or as issue or pull
> request at https://bitbucket.org/hgbook/hgbook ).

Ah, this is very nice! Thanks for the work!

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