Build failure on xenial

Sean Farley sean at
Wed Jun 1 17:21:36 EDT 2016

Got another failure, this time with locking:

cd tests && python -j4
--- /«BUILDDIR»/mercurial-3.8.2+208-trusty/tests/test-clone.t
+++ /«BUILDDIR»/mercurial-3.8.2+208-trusty/tests/test-clone.t.err
@@ -1075,8 +1075,6 @@
   $ cat race2.log
   (sharing from existing pooled repository b5f04eac9d8f7a6a9fcb070243cccea7dc5ea0c1)
-  waiting for lock on repository share-destrace2 held by * (glob)
-  got lock after \d+ seconds (re)
   searching for changes
   no changes found
   adding remote bookmark bookA

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