Shutting down patchwork [was Re: Is the Linode instance still in use?]

Jun Wu quark at
Wed Jun 1 21:18:38 EDT 2016

I also found patchwork useful and use it as the source of truth for patch
status and reviewers sometimes. I'd like to see it alive.

Digital Ocean $5/mo plan seems to be good enough for hosting it.

If it turns out nobody takes care of it, I can help hosting (and may be
able to send patches to patchwork).

Excerpts from Pierre-Yves David's message of 2016-06-02 02:29:10 +0200:
> If I'm not mistaken, at least Yuya and Martin also look at it. It is
> also the closest thing to a central tracking of our patch state, Augie
> and Matt tooling read its state.
> Is it already expired? Should we expect a shut down any time from now?
> We can probably migrate it to something less expensive in a hurry…

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