[PATCH 08 of 10] chg: implement validate in hgclient

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 09:42:38 EST 2016

Jun Wu <quark at fb.com> wrote:
> + * Send command line arguments to let the server decide whether it has the
> + * up-to-date config, extensions and can handle our request.

I can't tell what this means.

you wouldn't normally write `the up-to-date` it would normally be `an
up-to-date` (the implies it would be unique in a certain way, but
presumably there can be a number of concurrent chgservers each with
respectfully up-to-date configurations).

But, I also don't understand `extensions` after it. You might want to
replace `config,` with `config and`, and then `and can` with `and thus
can` (you can choose another word to replace thus, the key is that the
first and is to join a short item list, the second is to join parts of
the sentence).

> + * @return - NULL, the server passed or does not support validation.

`passed` is an odd word, in context, I'd expect it to mean "the server
expressed no interest, i.e. it passed (skipped) the request". To mean
the other form of "passed", I think you want "server validation" or
"server configuration validation" or something.

> + *         - a list of strings, which are the instructions returned by the
> + *           server, the list (not the strings) must be freed by the caller.
> + *           the last string is guaranteed NULL.

guaranteed to be NULL

> +       /* the server returns '\0' if it passed validation */

validation passed (? -- I'm less certain about this form)

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