How to fix white-space damage?

Danek Duvall danek.duvall at
Sat Mar 5 16:45:24 EST 2016

Pulkit Goyal wrote:

> I recently send quite few patches related to keyword use
> absolute_import and Yuya Sir told me that the patch is white space
> damaged. What this actually means and how can I remove it.

It means that your mailer -- or the editor you used to compose your
message, or if you used copy/paste to include the patch -- changed the
patch in a way that would be fine for normal text, but was enough to
corrupt the patch to the point where it won't apply.  It looks at least
like your patches got some lines wrapped, for instance.

You're far better off (never mind that's usually far simpler) using the
"email" subcommand, provided by the patchbomb extension.  Then you can do
something like

    hg email -t mercurial-devel at -o

and mercurial just does the right thing.


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