[PATCH v3] rebase: turn rebaseskipobsolete on by default

Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at ens-lyon.org
Wed Mar 9 18:59:01 EST 2016

On 03/09/2016 04:12 PM, Kostia Balytskyi wrote:
> # HG changeset patch
> # User Kostia Balytskyi <ikostia at fb.com>
> # Date 1457539707 28800
> #      Wed Mar 09 08:08:27 2016 -0800
> # Node ID d25f8b503ecbcb4e518608729aa72346fba9aa09
> # Parent  f126bb86a4e282fc1113a9c67777e9ca3764e57b
> rebase: turn rebaseskipobsolete on by default

Augie asked me on IRC why this was not "on" already. I've updated the 
commit message with the following:

This was not enabled by default initially because we wanted to have some 
more experience with it. After months of painless usages in multiple 
places, we are confident enough to turn it on my default.

I've changed the quoting scheme to be in line with the project usage (we 
use ' instead of ``) and pushed the result to the clowncopter. Thanks.


Pierre-Yves David

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