[PATCH] chgserver: wrap ui without calling its constructor

Jun Wu quark at fb.com
Sun Mar 13 11:10:08 EDT 2016

On 03/13/2016 12:12 PM, Yuya Nishihara wrote:
> Hmm, but you can't eliminate all of these copies, right? What's the benefit
> to skip only one copy at chgcmdserver.__init__? It will soon be copied at
> runcommand() anyway.

Another patch will stop runcommand() from copying ui. It will make
test-progress.t result better.

> Well, if you want to change _newchgui() to _wrapchgui(), move _wrapchgui()
> to uisetup(). That will make sure the class wrapping is processed only
> once.

I have considered this way in the first place. I didn't do it because
_csystem is not ready at that time.

Let's do it + start killing ui.copy (which I just found have filesystem race
condition issues).

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