[PATCH rfc] merge: present merge part labels to user in prompts

Simon Farnsworth simonfar at fb.com
Fri Mar 18 19:46:16 EDT 2016

On 16/03/2016, 18:30, "Pierre-Yves David" <pierre-yves.david at ens-lyon.org> wrote:

>On 03/16/2016 04:59 PM, Simon Farnsworth wrote:
>> # HG changeset patch
>> # User Simon Farnsworth <simonfar at fb.com>
>> # Date 1458172710 0
>> #      Wed Mar 16 23:58:30 2016 +0000
>> # Node ID 85202d019e4f6d4093fdbb35b0aff105db1767b4
>> # Parent  70c2f8a982766b512e9d7f41f2d93fdb92f5481f
>> merge: present merge part labels to user in prompts
>> "local", "remote" and "other" are not always clear; we rename them in
>> conflict markers to try and clarify what's meant by each label. Present the
>> conflict marker names in the merge prompts, too.
>I did a very very fast pass through this here is a couple of high level 
>- It is usually good to provide example of the output change you do in 
>the commit description. This help people getting and idea of what is the 
>change doing without digging down to the tests,

Will do.

>- This changesets seems to be doingg multiple things:
>   - use labels for changed/deleted prompt
>   - adding the labels to the mergestate file (and support in 
>   - reused the label in the merge state when using `hg resolve`
>   You should probably slice this out in multiple patch. to make each 
>patch simpler and clearer o review.

Will do. The single patch thing is a consequence of my personal workflow (build the feature, then split it into sensible parts).

>- As we are at changing this prompt message should we get ride of the 
>"remote" terms (as we already have local/other). (there might be good 
>reason not to)

Digging through the history, it looks like "remote" was another attempt to be friendlier than "other". I think we should consistently use local/other, and rely on commands using friendly labels.

Will get rid of "remote".

>- There might be a lot of file in a merge state, I would move the 
>'labels:' section of debugmergestate before them


>- I'm not sure about the '[...]' do we use that anywhere? why not ()?

I'm not committed to [...]; the reason I'm using it is that we use (l)ocal to tell you that "l" is an acceptable response to a prompt; I don't want someone surprised when they see "(l)ocal (dest)", type in "dest" at the prompt, and get a bad answer.

>- Do we alway have only two labels? We never allow to change the "base" 

We do permit changes to the base label, AFAICT, we just don't use it outside of conflict markers. This is like the option to have different bases for each file in conflict; it's allowed by the code, we just don't use it.

As we never prompt with the "base" label, I don't use it, but I do preserve it if present, in case future changes introduce a way to use "base".


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