Mercurial book: current status and future plans

Mathias De Maré mathias.demare at
Tue Mar 22 02:23:52 EDT 2016

Hello all,

we had a useful meeting at the sprint concerning the book.
It appears people aren't really aware of the current status.of the book, so
let's try to fix that :-)

There's an overview available at

A short summary:
- The book has been moved from Docbook to RST (with Sphinx)
- The examples use Mercurial tests now
- The current version of the book can be read at
- An initial draft for a chapter on 'Scaling' is available, see
- An initial draft for a chapter on 'Changing history' is Mostly Done(tm),

>From now on (as discussed at the sprint), I'll post my patches to the
mailing list, with the intent of having some review.
Help (in the form of patches, review...) is very much welcome.
The repository is currently available at,
but the intent is to move it to

One thing I'm currently unsure about, is the two chapters with an initial
draft. Should I finish my current chapter and send the changes in full to
the mailing list?
I think I'd prefer sending a full chapter every time (makes it easier to
write a consistent chapter), but perhaps that's harder to review?

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