[PATCH] shelve: adds restoring original parents after unshelve (issue5123)

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 17:37:43 EDT 2016

liscju wrote:
> shelve: adds restoring original parents after unshelve (issue5123)

perhaps: "shelve: restore parents after unshelve (...)"?

"adds" isn't helpful.
also, "original" is confusing.
My initial reading made me think it was the shelve parents.

> Unshelve command works on the first parent of the working directory,

Probably "unshelve operates on ..." (lowercase the command, it's a special
proper name), alternatively "The unshelve command ..."

note "operates" is better than "works"

> in which it does commiting pending changes, applying saved commit
> in shelve and rebasing it to the first parent.

drop "in which it does"
add "the" before "saved"
or use "the commit saved by shelve"

Is it really a "rebase"?

> In this process it totally forgets about second parent, which are

Commit messages should describe "now", to talk about the past,
use "before, it ..." or "previously, ..."

thus "forgot", "were"

> not restored and loses it in the process.

and "lost"

> This commit makes
> unshelve remembers original parents of working directory  and

"remember", and don't use two spaces before "and" :o

> recreates it when working context had more than one parent.

it -> them
add "the" before "working"

> To save information about original parents this commit adds line

"a line"

> to shelvedstate file format with this information. However it

"to the"

> doesn't break compability, because older version of mercurial will

please spell compatibility correctly.

"versions" of the "mercurial shelve extension"

> not read this line. If version of mercurial with this commit will

"a version"
drop "will"

> read older version of shelvedstate file it will not break as well,

"reads an"; "of the"; well -> either

> because when line is absent fp.readline() returns empty string,

"the line"
returns->will return an

> resulting in originalparents being empty list. Function restoreparents
> restores parents when there is more than one parent in parents list.

I'd split "Function" into its own paragraph, but I'm not sure if this
new "paragraph" is necessary.

> test-shelve uses some globs, because shelve --continue changes nodeid
> of the base context in which works.

I don't understand this

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