[PATCH 3 of 4 v2] run-tests: add support for RTUNICODEPEDANTRY environment variable

Augie Fackler raf at durin42.com
Tue May 24 11:20:43 EDT 2016

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 08:23:27PM -0700, timeless wrote:
> Augie Fackler wrote:
> > I'm guessing here, but I suspect the reason is to allow testing
> > unicode pedant mode on run-tests without having that matter for the hg
> > under test. timeless, is that right?
> yes.
> > Note that I'd be a bigger fan of just always running run-tests in
> > unicode pedant mode. Is that not possible for some reason?
> it isn't even close to ready. I have a sizeable series to try to get
> that working.
> Yes, once it works, I'd prefer to make it mandatory, but until then...

Can you point me to that series as a URL? I'd like to get an idea of
where this is going. I'm not sure how I feel about the variable yet,
but seeing the rest of the work involved would help.


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