[PATCH] rebase: update _rebaseset inside transaction

Kostia Balytskyi ikostia at fb.com
Thu Nov 10 08:08:58 EST 2016

This looks good to me.

On 11/10/16, 11:56 AM, "Mercurial-devel on behalf of Durham Goode" <mercurial-devel-bounces at mercurial-scm.org on behalf of durham at fb.com> wrote:

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Durham Goode <durham at fb.com>
    # Date 1478778918 28800
    #      Thu Nov 10 03:55:18 2016 -0800
    # Node ID f3bfa374cea66cd5bf17645ccb6eef60c4d8a5aa
    # Parent  3fd53cc1aad882ac9191d7388885acdbbc2d7103
    rebase: update _rebaseset inside transaction
    Rebase has the concept of the _rebaseset, which is used to prevent the commits
    being rebased from being hidden until after the rebase is complete. Previously,
    the _rebaseset was being cleared at the very end of rebase, after the last
    transaction had already closed. This meant that the repo filteredrevs cache was
    not updated (since no invalidation had been triggered, since we're outside of a
    transaction), which meant future changelog reads saw commits as visible that
    should've been hidden.
    This patch moves the _rebaseset clearing to be inside the last rebase
    transaction, so that after the transaction the filteredrevs is appropriately
    invalidated and will be up-to-date on the next read.
    This showed up in an extension that combines rebase, obsolete, and inhibit, so
    I'm not sure how to create a test case in hg core to repro it. But we have a
    test case in the extension repo.
    diff --git a/hgext/rebase.py b/hgext/rebase.py
    --- a/hgext/rebase.py
    +++ b/hgext/rebase.py
    @@ -495,6 +495,12 @@ class rebaseruntime(object):
                     if self.activebookmark not in repo._bookmarks:
                         # active bookmark was divergent one and has been deleted
                         self.activebookmark = None
    +            # Clear the _rebaseset as part of the transaction, so
    +            # post-transaction hooks can see the final repo visibility state.
    +            # (We could've moved clearstatus() into the transaction to do this,
    +            # but it contains non-transactional changes, like unlinking files).
    +            _clearrebasesetvisibiliy(repo)
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