[PATCH 1 of 3 V2] cmdutil: add support for evolution "troubles" display in changeset_printer

Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at ens-lyon.org
Wed Nov 23 10:22:30 EST 2016

On 11/14/2016 09:10 AM, Denis Laxalde wrote:
> Pierre-Yves David a écrit :
>>> How about "stability"? If it feels strange to only have it displayed
>>> when there are "troubles", we may also insert it in the debug section as
>>> `stability: stable`.
>> I do not think it is suitable, stability does not really fit for
>> "divergent" or "bumped" and too linked to "unstable"
>> In addition, trouble is really a list of 0-N element, "stable" have
>> nothing to do in it and imply a more binary "stable/unstable" mode.
> Of course "stable" couldn't be listed as a trouble, but my proposal was
> to introduce a term to qualify the stability state (or whatever you
> prefer to name it) of a changeset. In other words, a changeset may be in
> state that is either "<something meaning not unstable/divergent/bumped>"
> or not. Having a name for this boolean state along with a name for the
> not-troubled state would be useful in general I think.

We had something a bit similar as a template for a while (but not 
exactly that irc), this end up confusing people from Google more than 
bringing benefit so Martin and I scrapped it a couple of month back. We 
could give is a second "better" try if you have a good usecase at hand,

For now that would be "troubled/untroubled" until we find something better

>> I really advise we move forward with trouble and have naming
>> discussion on another thread/wiki page.
> I'm fine with this as well. Will send a V2 with the singular "trouble"
> label.

I saw your V4, I'll get to it.

Pierre-Yves David

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