Mercurial performance tracking tool

Philippe Pepiot philippe.pepiot at
Thu Sep 1 05:16:29 EDT 2016


Some news about the state of on which 
I haven't worked during the summer but I'd like to deliver something 
useful soon.

We have an online demo running at:

It has detected a regression between 1% and 10% on almost all revset 
benchmarks: (related 
changeset is I don't have the 
mercurial knowledge required to understand this regression, so I let you 
analyze if something needs to be done or not.

Btw, thanks to Pauli Virtanen, the maintainer of Airspeed Velocity, for 
this new "summary" page that is very useful, it shows improvements too.

Now my plans is to:

   * Introduce the code in main repository, allowing developers to run 
"asv compare" that provide a benchmark(s) summary between two given 

         -> Provide a ASV benchmark suite that can be run against 
references repositories (eg. mozilla), a simple list of hg perf commands 
is a good start.

         -> Write some benchmarks like ".t" test, e.g. scenario based 
that create a repository and run hg perf commands, and let asv collect 
the results.

   * Get the tool and web interface running on mercurial infrastructure 
(CC'd Kevin).

Any hints and advices are welcome, especially if you known features of 
".t" file format that would be useful to this usage.

Also don't hesitate to subscribe to the feed to be notified about 
detected regressions:


Philippe Pepiot

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