[PATCH 3 of 3 v2] dispatch: make hg --profile wrap reposetup

Yuya Nishihara yuya at tcha.org
Wed Sep 21 23:52:01 EDT 2016

On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 13:26:31 -0700, Durham Goode wrote:
d> On 9/21/16 1:07 PM, Arun Kulshreshtha wrote:
> > On 9/21/16, 7:34 AM, "Yuya Nishihara" <yuya at tcha.org> wrote:
> >      > Additionally, we’d need to wrap other callsites of
> >      > _runcommand(), such as _checkshellalias(), to maintain the existing behavior.
> >      
> >      Good point. Given that we want to start profiling as early as possible, I think
> >      it's better to test profiling.enabled before extensions.loadall(lui), and test
> >      it again after parsing command options.
> >
> > CC’ing Durham on this. I considered doing this, but during our (offline) discussion about this, it seemed
> > like it was undesirable to profile uisetup() for each extension, which is why I placed maybeprofile() after
> > extensions.loadall(). However, if we do indeed want to start profiling as early as possible, then I’ll try enabling
> > profiling as early as possible in _dispatch() and remove the other callsites.
> The only reason I hesitated to wrap uisetup and extsetup is that 
> extensions may modify the profile logic (like we have a statprofext 
> extension that configures statprof), so wrapping early may make that 
> impossible.

Yeah, that's a valid point. It makes some sense to start profiling after

Maybe --debugger has the same chicken-and-egg issue.

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