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Sorry for jumping late to the discussion.

I am a very happy Evolve user and so far I manage to basically
replicate the lightweight branching of git with just evolve.  Just
sharing my experience in case it sparks other ideas.

I emulate git lightweight branching by basically using named branch
with evolve and working on the fork of the "master" repo.

Disclaimer: we are only 2 using this workflow so far to collaborate so
we probably not hitting any rough edge yet.

user1: hg branch, modify code, hg commit, hg commit ... push to the fork repo

user2: pull update to that branch, more commits, push to the fork repo

user1: pull, evolve --all, more commits, push to the fork repo

rince and repeat for both users until the bug/feature is complete

when ready to "release": hg rebase -d default -s roots(branchname),
push to master repo

This way:

* only the fork repo is polluted with all the temporary branches and
intermediate revisions

* hg log -r 'branch(name)' gives me all the commits of that branch, a
feature that is harder to replicate with bookmarks

* in that "temporary branch that only exist on the fork repo" we can
do all kind of surgery (fold, split, rebase, evolve, prune, ...) and
all history is kept until the project is over and is all tracked with
the branch name: hg log -r 'branch(name)' --hidden

I feel like this even gives me more than just git lightweight
branching as I have full old history all neatly organized in the
"temporary branch" and I can "push changes to the other user's
checkout via evolve" the features that native git lightweight
branching do not even provide.

So very happy camper so far.

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