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Denis Laxalde denis.laxalde at
Mon Sep 26 05:26:49 EDT 2016

Jun Wu a écrit :
> Excerpts from Pierre-Yves David's message of 2016-09-23 02:43:37 +0200:
>> In the same way large organisation will probably want to define and
>> enforce naming scheme for topics. But they already need to do so today
>> for named-branch of git-branch. So nothing specific to topic here.
> For git, IIUC, Bob can create a "tidy" branch that tracks
> "alice/smartfixup". He can also rename "master" to "@", tracking
> "origin/master". So people can name local branches whatever they like. No
> need to have a naming scheme to avoid name collisions.

Some sort of automatic prefixing according to the symbolic name (local)
of the repository a topic got pulled from would be very nice. There
could even be some logic when switching to a "remote" topic (e.g.
"alice/smartfixup") that would create a local topic (e.g. "smartfixup")
so that the prefix would not get too invasive when actually working a topic.

Denis Laxalde

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