[PATCH] templatefilter: add support for 'long' to json()

Matt Harbison mharbison72 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 14:17:33 EDT 2017

On Sat, 01 Apr 2017 14:06:24 -0400, Matt Harbison <mharbison72 at gmail.com>  

> # HG changeset patch
> # User Matt Harbison <matt_harbison at yahoo.com>
> # Date 1491020477 14400
> #      Sat Apr 01 00:21:17 2017 -0400
> # Node ID a3d441253abc38df20c9890b207c1ab454bb691d
> # Parent  2632df096fc0ac7582382b1f94ea4b9ad0bce8f2
> templatefilter: add support for 'long' to json()
> When disabling the '#requires serve' check in test-hgwebdir.t and  
> running it on
> Windows, several 500 errors popped up when querying '?style=json', with  
> the
> following in the error log:

BTW, does anybody know why the 'serve' tests are disabled on Windows?   
hghave.has_serve() simply says "platform and python can manage 'hg serve  
-d'", and the commit that introduces it doesn't explain what the issues  
were.  I made has_serve() return True unconditionally, and while there  
were errors in the newly run code, none looked like 'serve -d' were  

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