[Bug 5537] New: email and pager interact strangely

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Thu Apr 13 19:52:00 EDT 2017


            Bug ID: 5537
           Summary: email and pager interact strangely
           Product: Mercurial
           Version: 4.1.2
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Mac OS
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: bug
          Priority: wish
         Component: pager
          Assignee: bugzilla at mercurial-scm.org
          Reporter: bos at serpentine.com
                CC: mercurial-devel at mercurial-scm.org

Until recently, hg email -n used to run every email through a separate pager
process. This has changed, such that now all output goes through a single
invocation of the pager, and I have to carefully scan to find the boundaries of
messages instead of bouncing on the q key a few times.

It's arguably not important enough to be worth fixing, but I suspect it was an
accidental regression.

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