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Wed Jul 5 14:14:33 EDT 2017


Over the past several months, a handful of people have raised issues
to the Steering Committee regarding ongoing interpersonal conflicts
stemming from a specific individual. While this individual is a
long-time and prolific contributor to the Mercurial Project, no single
contributor's work outweighs the importance of civility and
professionalism and is worth sacrificing community health for. The
Steering Committee has thus decided to restrict this individual's
access to the Mercurial Project via all official channels (IRC, email
lists, sprints, etc).

The Steering Committee is committed to ensuring that the Mercurial
Project remains a healthy, friendly, and welcoming environment. As
part of deciding to ban this individual, we've discovered shortcomings
in our stated expectations for community participation and our
processes for dealing with problems. We are in the process of devising
a code of conduct to formally state our expectations and a process for
resolving problems. Until we have a more formal process in place,
please send any feedback about community health to
mercurial-steering at, where it will be taken

The Mercurial Steering Committee

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