[PATCH 2 of 2 v2] tests: rename syshg to testrepohg

Adam Simpkins simpkins at fb.com
Fri Jun 30 22:22:42 EDT 2017

On Jun 30, Matt Harbison wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Jun 2017 21:21:11 -0400, Adam Simpkins <simpkins at fb.com> wrote:
> ># HG changeset patch
> ># User Adam Simpkins <simpkins at fb.com>
> ># Date 1498871800 25200
> >#      Fri Jun 30 18:16:40 2017 -0700
> ># Node ID 8fbab57de1136dbbb8397959785945255352d200
> ># Parent  bc44cbbfd13d88fbd2d10a7eed7c0ea26002c87c
> >tests: rename syshg to testrepohg
> >
> >Rename the syshg function to testrepohg, to more accurately
> >reflect what this
> >function does now.  This function runs hg for interacting with the
> >$TESTDIR/..
> >repository.  This intelligently decides whether to use the local
> >hg script or
> >the system hg installation.
> This fixes the problem in V1, but reintroduces the obsolete markers
> line.  Oddly, only in test-check-commit.t, out of all of the *check*
> tests.
> Any diagnostics you'd like me to collect?

Hmm, I suspect that's because the first patch in this set restored the
default behavior of trying the local hg script first, and only using
the system hg if that fails, as Yuya requested.

Using the local hg script "works" in this case (has a 0 exit status),
but prints a warnings since the settings aren't quite right.

Personally I think the right behavior here is to default to the system
hg first, and only use the local hg script if that fails.  The system
hg command is almost certainly the right thing to use--if we try using
the local hg script with the test's HGRCPATH settings we are much more
likely to be using the wrong settings for this repository.

I'll send out an updated patch series that goes back to using the
system hg first.  We could also update the fallback case to always
pass in "--config evolution=createmarkers" when using the local hg
script to try and avoid this particular warning, but this feels like a

Adam Simpkins
simpkins at fb.com

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