hg-git and round-tripping (and file copies?)

Danek Duvall danek.duvall at oracle.com
Thu Mar 16 19:14:55 EDT 2017

Mike Hommey wrote:

> If your goal trying to round-trip between mercurial and git is to
> provide developers with the possibility to use mercurial or git as they
> like, and somehow make it work with developers pushing on both ends, you
> should instead use a single source of truth (mercurial or git, whichever
> you prefer keeping a server for), and let developers use conversion tools
> on their end. hg-git can be used by developers who prefer mercurial when
> the server is git (although it annoyingly adds visible metadata to git
> commits in that case). git-cinnabar or git-remote-hg can be used by
> developers who prefer git when the server is mercurial. (full
> disclosure, I'm the author of git-cinnabar)

Our source of truth is mercurial.  But our (Oracle Solaris) external,
read-only mirror is being moved from a mercurial repo on java.net to
github.  I would like for people who might have had clones of the mercurial
repo to be able to use hg-git to pull from the github repo and get the same
changeset IDs as they had before (and as we have internally), but that
looks like it's not possible.


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