San Francisco Meetup

Sean Farley sean at
Wed May 10 14:01:42 EDT 2017

Danek Duvall <danek.duvall at> writes:

> Sean Farley wrote:
>> Just a quick followup to my suggestion of a mini hackathon in San
>> Francisco (hopefully in a somewhat frequent manner). I was thinking of
>> testing it out this Saturday for coffee / brunch:
>> It's a free-form thing. Suggestions on locations / time welcomed. If no
>> one is interested, that's cool too. I'll be around the city hacking
>> anyways :-)
> I'm in Boston for the OpenStack conference, so not this time.

Alas! I was thinking of going to Arlequin Cafe since they have wifi and
an outdoor patio. I'll try to do this type of thing once or twice a
month (probably will schedule the next one for early June).
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