D1336: HG: hg rm -A option prints the message of every file in the repo

mharbison72 (Matt Harbison) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Thu Nov 9 22:17:25 EST 2017

mharbison72 added a comment.

  @mitrandir Oh, sorry, I see what you mean now.
  I wonder if the nice thing for people used to the current behavior is to terse the directories that don't have deleted files.  That way the message is still there, but the sheer volume is lower.  If an entire subtree is excluded, only the highest directory level is mentioned.
    not removing dirname/: no deleted files
    not removing dirname2/: no deleted files
    not removing dirname3/subdir/filename: file still exists
  But for just the 'still exists' warnings, I guess I don't feel that strongly.  Status can always be checked.  I do think the first added ui.verbose check is wrong though.

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