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Fri Nov 10 17:16:07 EST 2017

5 new changesets (2 on stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   35008:ad671b4cb9fc
branch:      stable
parent:      34995:4cc910cd81d0
user:        Mark Thomas <mbthomas at>
date:        Fri Nov 03 09:27:35 2017 -0700
summary:     tests: add a test demonstrating issue5731
changeset:   35009:99ab7bc944d2
branch:      stable
user:        Mark Thomas <mbthomas at>
date:        Fri Nov 03 09:27:36 2017 -0700
summary:     scmutil: don't try to delete origbackup symlinks to directories (issue5731)
changeset:   35010:b81ad5b78a81
parent:      35007:407ec7f3ff02
user:        Boris Feld <boris.feld at>
date:        Thu Oct 19 12:35:47 2017 +0200
summary:     obsfate: makes successorsetverb takes the markers as argument
changeset:   35011:a2dfc723b6b5
user:        Durham Goode <durham at>
date:        Tue Nov 07 10:16:53 2017 -0800
summary:     bundle: allow bundlerepo to support alternative manifest implementations
changeset:   35012:d80380ba8e7d
bookmark:    @
tag:         tip
user:        Kyle Lippincott <spectral at>
date:        Wed Nov 08 18:24:43 2017 -0800
summary:     changegroup: use any node, not min(), in treemanifest's generatemanifests

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