D1341: dirstate: move management of nonnormal sets into dirstate map

mbthomas (Mark Thomas) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Sat Nov 11 08:17:21 EST 2017

mbthomas added inline comments.


> mbolin wrote in dirstate.py:1247
> I would prefer to see all mutations to `self._map` go through a common code path so that we can override this behavior easier in Eden.
> As it stands, when this logic is conflated, it makes it much harder for us to safely subclass `dirstatemap` in Eden. For reference, here's what we're doing today:
> https://github.com/facebookexperimental/eden-hg/blob/master/eden/hg/eden/eden_dirstate_map.py

I think what you want is a common tuple constructor hook point - eden_dirstate_map does build a different tuple, but it just sets it as a property of the map in the same way.  I think we want to avoid another layer of indirection if we can.

Arguably `dirstatetuple` is already one of these, as it can be either a native tuple type, or the fast C-based one from parses.c, but maybe that's the wrong place for eden to hook as it's global to the module.  Instead, we can do it by setting `dirstatemap._tuplecls` to `dirstatetuple` in the constructor, so the code here becomes more like:

  self._map[f] = self._tuplecls(state, mode, size, mtime)

In eden you can make your own function and assign that to `self._tuplecls` in `eden_dirstate_map.__init__`.

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