D821: unamend: move fb extension unamend to core

durin42 (Augie Fackler) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Mon Nov 13 17:25:46 EST 2017

durin42 added inline comments.


> uncommit.py:247
> +def unamend(ui, repo, **opts):
> +    """undo the amend operation on a current changeset
> +

undo the _most recent_ amend? or can I run this iteratively and undo many amends in sequence?

> uncommit.py:265
> +        markers = list(predecessormarkers(curctx))
> +        if len(markers) != 1:
> +            e = _("changeset must have one predecessor, found %i predecessors")

Should we also look for unamend_source in the extra, and potentially refuse to unamend an unamend? Or not?

> uncommit.py:273
> +        if curctx.children():
> +            raise error.Abort(_("cannot unamend in the middle of a stack"))
> +

cannot unamend a changeset with children

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