Upstreaming Facebook extensions

Matt Harbison mharbison72 at
Mon Nov 13 21:50:29 EST 2017

I see some things are being upstreamed out of the hg-experimental repo on  
Bitbucket, but I haven't seen mention of how these are being selected.   
I'm interested in the absorb and lfs extensions.  The former works great  
on Linux in my limited use, but the linelog module dependency doesn't  
build on Windows.  I only found the latter today, so I haven't used it  
much other than to run the tests.

Are there any (other) showstoppers, and/or design TBDs to getting these  
bundled?  I should be able to throw some time at this if it helps  
(especially the LFS extension, as there's a need for it at work).

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