D1358: remotenames: store journal entry for bookmarks if journal is loaded

durham (Durham Goode) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Wed Nov 15 14:00:57 EST 2017

durham added a comment.

  I'm a little confused here, in the same way Pulkit has expressed.  remotenames has a couple parts related to storage: one is the storing of the remotenames themselves, and the other is tracking how they change over time.  The remotename storage itself doesn't seem like it overlaps with journal or blackbox, as it's not a log.  The tracking of how they change over time seems to fit the journal exactly, which is a store for tracking how various references to commits (working copy parent, bookmarks, and now remotenames) change over time.
  So I guess I'm confused about what part of remotenames needs unification?  They seem to either be completely orthogonal, or a complete match for an existing system.

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