[PATCH 3 of 7 V2] cmdutil: convert _revertprefetch() to a generic stored file hook (API)

Yuya Nishihara yuya at tcha.org
Tue Feb 6 09:13:18 EST 2018

On Tue, 6 Feb 2018 08:02:30 -0500, Matt Harbison wrote:
> > On Feb 6, 2018, at 7:20 AM, Yuya Nishihara <yuya at tcha.org> wrote:
> > - prefetchfiles() could be hosted by mergemod so lfs won't need to wrap
> >   applyupdates().
> Would it be better to keep it in cmdutil, and call it  just before calling applyupdates()?

That wouldn't be possible because the actions are calculated in merge.py.

> Calling mergemod.prefetchfiles() from archive, for example, seems weird, doesn’t it?  Or am I misunderstanding?

Another option would be repo.prefetchfiles(), but I'm not sure if it's a
good idea.

> > - it could be a list of callback functions, instead of carefully wrapping
> >   the function itself
> Just a raw list that everything can access, or should it have add/remove methods too?  I’ve seen both patterns with hook registration, IIRC.

I have no preference.

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