D1919: phabricator: specify API tokens per host, rather than per repo

quark (Jun Wu) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Wed Feb 14 22:21:06 EST 2018

quark added a comment.

  In https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D1919#37546, @durin42 wrote:
  > Sorry, this slipped through the cracks. If we think we want to start reading .arcconfig, should we just go straight to that and discard our own auth config area, and incur a BC only once?
  One good thing about hgrc is, editing hgrc is human-friendly. I think editing `.arcrc` is not. If we decided to use `.arcrc`, that means there needs to be some program that edits it. It could be `arc`, but that's not friendly for people who don't want PHP.

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