D1952: bundlespec: move computing the bundle contentops in parsebundlespec

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  I like where this is going.
  It's worth noting that at some point this will reinvent the //capabilities// mechanism of bundle2. Over the wire protocol today, the client submits its bundle2 capabilities and the server emits parts based on the peer's advertised bundle2 feature support. If you squint, this looks a lot like //content options//. Have you given any consideration to merging the two concepts and having e.g. a bundlespec map to a pre-defined set of bundle2 capabilities?


> exchange.py:191
> +    # Set the cg.version
> +    contentops["cg.version"] = version
> +

`version` here does not refer to the changegroup version but rather the bundlespec version.

IMO the changegroup version should be implied by the bundlespec version.

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