[PATCH 2 of 9] templatekw: switch non-showlist template keywords to new API

Yuya Nishihara yuya at tcha.org
Tue Feb 27 09:57:55 EST 2018

# HG changeset patch
# User Yuya Nishihara <yuya at tcha.org>
# Date 1519533646 -32400
#      Sun Feb 25 13:40:46 2018 +0900
# Node ID 2f63464d7c83e597c467d930baa9f709186107b7
# Parent  064d43a16f215e00bc3093733707fd7b9fa1bf56
templatekw: switch non-showlist template keywords to new API

diff --git a/contrib/phabricator.py b/contrib/phabricator.py
--- a/contrib/phabricator.py
+++ b/contrib/phabricator.py
@@ -868,11 +868,12 @@ def phabupdate(ui, repo, spec, **opts):
 templatekeyword = registrar.templatekeyword()
- at templatekeyword('phabreview')
-def template_review(repo, ctx, revcache, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('phabreview', requires={'ctx'})
+def template_review(context, mapping):
     """:phabreview: Object describing the review for this changeset.
     Has attributes `url` and `id`.
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     m = _differentialrevisiondescre.search(ctx.description())
     if m:
         return {
diff --git a/hgext/convert/__init__.py b/hgext/convert/__init__.py
--- a/hgext/convert/__init__.py
+++ b/hgext/convert/__init__.py
@@ -477,7 +477,8 @@ def debugcvsps(ui, *args, **opts):
     return cvsps.debugcvsps(ui, *args, **opts)
-def kwconverted(ctx, name):
+def kwconverted(context, mapping, name):
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     rev = ctx.extra().get('convert_revision', '')
     if rev.startswith('svn:'):
         if name == 'svnrev':
@@ -490,20 +491,20 @@ def kwconverted(ctx, name):
 templatekeyword = registrar.templatekeyword()
- at templatekeyword('svnrev')
-def kwsvnrev(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('svnrev', requires={'ctx'})
+def kwsvnrev(context, mapping):
     """String. Converted subversion revision number."""
-    return kwconverted(ctx, 'svnrev')
+    return kwconverted(context, mapping, 'svnrev')
- at templatekeyword('svnpath')
-def kwsvnpath(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('svnpath', requires={'ctx'})
+def kwsvnpath(context, mapping):
     """String. Converted subversion revision project path."""
-    return kwconverted(ctx, 'svnpath')
+    return kwconverted(context, mapping, 'svnpath')
- at templatekeyword('svnuuid')
-def kwsvnuuid(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('svnuuid', requires={'ctx'})
+def kwsvnuuid(context, mapping):
     """String. Converted subversion revision repository identifier."""
-    return kwconverted(ctx, 'svnuuid')
+    return kwconverted(context, mapping, 'svnuuid')
 # tell hggettext to extract docstrings from these functions:
 i18nfunctions = [kwsvnrev, kwsvnpath, kwsvnuuid]
diff --git a/hgext/narrow/narrowtemplates.py b/hgext/narrow/narrowtemplates.py
--- a/hgext/narrow/narrowtemplates.py
+++ b/hgext/narrow/narrowtemplates.py
@@ -22,17 +22,21 @@ def _isellipsis(repo, rev):
         return True
     return False
- at templatekeyword('ellipsis')
-def ellipsis(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('ellipsis', requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def ellipsis(context, mapping):
     """String. 'ellipsis' if the change is an ellipsis node, else ''."""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     if _isellipsis(repo, ctx.rev()):
         return 'ellipsis'
     return ''
- at templatekeyword('outsidenarrow')
-def outsidenarrow(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('outsidenarrow', requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def outsidenarrow(context, mapping):
     """String. 'outsidenarrow' if the change affects no tracked files,
     else ''."""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     if util.safehasattr(repo, 'narrowmatch'):
         m = repo.narrowmatch()
         if not any(m(f) for f in ctx.files()):
diff --git a/hgext/transplant.py b/hgext/transplant.py
--- a/hgext/transplant.py
+++ b/hgext/transplant.py
@@ -744,10 +744,11 @@ def revsettransplanted(repo, subset, x):
 templatekeyword = registrar.templatekeyword()
- at templatekeyword('transplanted')
-def kwtransplanted(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('transplanted', requires={'ctx'})
+def kwtransplanted(context, mapping):
     """String. The node identifier of the transplanted
     changeset if any."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     n = ctx.extra().get('transplant_source')
     return n and nodemod.hex(n) or ''
diff --git a/mercurial/templatekw.py b/mercurial/templatekw.py
--- a/mercurial/templatekw.py
+++ b/mercurial/templatekw.py
@@ -351,17 +351,20 @@ def showauthor(context, mapping):
     ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.user()
- at templatekeyword('bisect')
-def showbisect(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('bisect', requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def showbisect(context, mapping):
     """String. The changeset bisection status."""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return hbisect.label(repo, ctx.node())
- at templatekeyword('branch')
-def showbranch(**args):
+ at templatekeyword('branch', requires={'ctx'})
+def showbranch(context, mapping):
     """String. The name of the branch on which the changeset was
-    return args[r'ctx'].branch()
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
+    return ctx.branch()
 def showbranches(**args):
@@ -397,28 +400,32 @@ def showchildren(**args):
     return showlist('children', childrevs, args, element='child')
 # Deprecated, but kept alive for help generation a purpose.
- at templatekeyword('currentbookmark')
-def showcurrentbookmark(**args):
+ at templatekeyword('currentbookmark', requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def showcurrentbookmark(context, mapping):
     """String. The active bookmark, if it is associated with the changeset.
-    return showactivebookmark(**args)
+    return showactivebookmark(context, mapping)
- at templatekeyword('activebookmark')
-def showactivebookmark(**args):
+ at templatekeyword('activebookmark', requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def showactivebookmark(context, mapping):
     """String. The active bookmark, if it is associated with the changeset."""
-    active = args[r'repo']._activebookmark
-    if active and active in args[r'ctx'].bookmarks():
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
+    active = repo._activebookmark
+    if active and active in ctx.bookmarks():
         return active
     return ''
- at templatekeyword('date')
-def showdate(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('date', requires={'ctx'})
+def showdate(context, mapping):
     """Date information. The date when the changeset was committed."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.date()
- at templatekeyword('desc')
-def showdescription(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('desc', requires={'ctx'})
+def showdescription(context, mapping):
     """String. The text of the changeset description."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     s = ctx.description()
     if isinstance(s, encoding.localstr):
         # try hard to preserve utf-8 bytes
@@ -426,11 +433,12 @@ def showdescription(repo, ctx, templ, **
         return s.strip()
- at templatekeyword('diffstat')
-def showdiffstat(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('diffstat', requires={'ctx'})
+def showdiffstat(context, mapping):
     """String. Statistics of changes with the following format:
     "modified files: +added/-removed lines"
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     stats = patch.diffstatdata(util.iterlines(ctx.diff(noprefix=False)))
     maxname, maxtotal, adds, removes, binary = patch.diffstatsum(stats)
     return '%s: +%s/-%s' % (len(stats), adds, removes)
@@ -524,10 +532,12 @@ def showfiles(**args):
     args = pycompat.byteskwargs(args)
     return showlist('file', args['ctx'].files(), args)
- at templatekeyword('graphnode')
-def showgraphnode(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('graphnode', requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def showgraphnode(context, mapping):
     """String. The character representing the changeset node in an ASCII
     revision graph."""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return getgraphnode(repo, ctx)
 def getgraphnode(repo, ctx):
@@ -545,14 +555,14 @@ def getgraphnode(repo, ctx):
         return 'o'
- at templatekeyword('graphwidth')
-def showgraphwidth(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('graphwidth', requires=())
+def showgraphwidth(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The width of the graph drawn by 'log --graph' or zero."""
     # just hosts documentation; should be overridden by template mapping
     return 0
- at templatekeyword('index')
-def showindex(**args):
+ at templatekeyword('index', requires=())
+def showindex(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The current iteration of the loop. (0 indexed)"""
     # just hosts documentation; should be overridden by template mapping
     raise error.Abort(_("can't use index in this context"))
@@ -683,24 +693,27 @@ def shownamespaces(**args):
     return _hybrid(f, namespaces, makemap, pycompat.identity)
- at templatekeyword('node')
-def shownode(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('node', requires={'ctx'})
+def shownode(context, mapping):
     """String. The changeset identification hash, as a 40 hexadecimal
     digit string.
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.hex()
- at templatekeyword('obsolete')
-def showobsolete(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('obsolete', requires={'ctx'})
+def showobsolete(context, mapping):
     """String. Whether the changeset is obsolete. (EXPERIMENTAL)"""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     if ctx.obsolete():
         return 'obsolete'
     return ''
- at templatekeyword('peerurls')
-def showpeerurls(repo, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('peerurls', requires={'repo'})
+def showpeerurls(context, mapping):
     """A dictionary of repository locations defined in the [paths] section
     of your configuration file."""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
     # see commands.paths() for naming of dictionary keys
     paths = repo.ui.paths
     urls = util.sortdict((k, p.rawloc) for k, p in sorted(paths.iteritems()))
@@ -711,9 +724,11 @@ def showpeerurls(repo, **args):
         return d
     return _hybrid(None, urls, makemap, lambda k: '%s=%s' % (k, urls[k]))
- at templatekeyword("predecessors")
-def showpredecessors(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword("predecessors", requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def showpredecessors(context, mapping):
     """Returns the list if the closest visible successors. (EXPERIMENTAL)"""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     predecessors = sorted(obsutil.closestpredecessors(repo, ctx.node()))
     predecessors = map(hex, predecessors)
@@ -721,19 +736,21 @@ def showpredecessors(repo, ctx, **args):
                    lambda x: {'ctx': repo[x], 'revcache': {}},
                    lambda x: scmutil.formatchangeid(repo[x]))
- at templatekeyword('reporoot')
-def showreporoot(repo, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('reporoot', requires={'repo'})
+def showreporoot(context, mapping):
     """String. The root directory of the current repository."""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
     return repo.root
- at templatekeyword("successorssets")
-def showsuccessorssets(repo, ctx, **args):
+ at templatekeyword("successorssets", requires={'repo', 'ctx'})
+def showsuccessorssets(context, mapping):
     """Returns a string of sets of successors for a changectx. Format used
     is: [ctx1, ctx2], [ctx3] if ctx has been splitted into ctx1 and ctx2
     while also diverged into ctx3. (EXPERIMENTAL)"""
+    repo = context.resource(mapping, 'repo')
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     if not ctx.obsolete():
         return ''
-    args = pycompat.byteskwargs(args)
     ssets = obsutil.successorssets(repo, ctx.node(), closest=True)
     ssets = [[hex(n) for n in ss] for ss in ssets]
@@ -797,30 +814,34 @@ def showsuccsandmarkers(repo, ctx, **arg
     f = _showlist('succsandmarkers', data, pycompat.byteskwargs(args))
     return _hybrid(f, data, lambda x: x, pycompat.identity)
- at templatekeyword('p1rev')
-def showp1rev(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('p1rev', requires={'ctx'})
+def showp1rev(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The repository-local revision number of the changeset's
     first parent, or -1 if the changeset has no parents."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.p1().rev()
- at templatekeyword('p2rev')
-def showp2rev(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('p2rev', requires={'ctx'})
+def showp2rev(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The repository-local revision number of the changeset's
     second parent, or -1 if the changeset has no second parent."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.p2().rev()
- at templatekeyword('p1node')
-def showp1node(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('p1node', requires={'ctx'})
+def showp1node(context, mapping):
     """String. The identification hash of the changeset's first parent,
     as a 40 digit hexadecimal string. If the changeset has no parents, all
     digits are 0."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.p1().hex()
- at templatekeyword('p2node')
-def showp2node(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('p2node', requires={'ctx'})
+def showp2node(context, mapping):
     """String. The identification hash of the changeset's second
     parent, as a 40 digit hexadecimal string. If the changeset has no second
     parent, all digits are 0."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.p2().hex()
@@ -841,19 +862,22 @@ def showparents(**args):
     return _hybrid(f, prevs, lambda x: {'ctx': repo[x], 'revcache': {}},
                    lambda x: scmutil.formatchangeid(repo[x]), keytype=int)
- at templatekeyword('phase')
-def showphase(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('phase', requires={'ctx'})
+def showphase(context, mapping):
     """String. The changeset phase name."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.phasestr()
- at templatekeyword('phaseidx')
-def showphaseidx(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('phaseidx', requires={'ctx'})
+def showphaseidx(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The changeset phase index. (ADVANCED)"""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return ctx.phase()
- at templatekeyword('rev')
-def showrev(repo, ctx, templ, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('rev', requires={'ctx'})
+def showrev(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The repository-local changeset revision number."""
+    ctx = context.resource(mapping, 'ctx')
     return scmutil.intrev(ctx)
 def showrevslist(name, revs, **args):
@@ -892,9 +916,10 @@ def showtags(**args):
     """List of strings. Any tags associated with the changeset."""
     return shownames('tags', **args)
- at templatekeyword('termwidth')
-def showtermwidth(ui, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('termwidth', requires={'ui'})
+def showtermwidth(context, mapping):
     """Integer. The width of the current terminal."""
+    ui = context.resource(mapping, 'ui')
     return ui.termwidth()
@@ -906,10 +931,11 @@ def showinstabilities(**args):
     return showlist('instability', args['ctx'].instabilities(), args,
- at templatekeyword('verbosity')
-def showverbosity(ui, **args):
+ at templatekeyword('verbosity', requires={'ui'})
+def showverbosity(context, mapping):
     """String. The current output verbosity in 'debug', 'quiet', 'verbose',
     or ''."""
+    ui = context.resource(mapping, 'ui')
     # see logcmdutil.changesettemplater for priority of these flags
     if ui.debugflag:
         return 'debug'

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