D3433: httppeer: detect redirect to URL without query string (issue5860)

mharbison72 (Matt Harbison) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Wed May 2 22:44:37 EDT 2018

mharbison72 added a comment.

  It looks like the redirect is subtly changing the host.  I printed `req.get_full_url()` in keepalive.do_open(), and got:
    keepalive: http://$LOCALIP:$HGPORT/redirector?cmd=capabilities
    s>     GET /redirector?cmd=capabilities HTTP/1.1\r\n
    s>     Accept-Encoding: identity\r\n
    s>     user-agent: test\r\n
    s>     host: $LOCALIP:$HGPORT\r\n (glob)
    s>     \r\n
    s> makefile('rb', None)
    s>     HTTP/1.1 301 Redirect\r\n
    s>     Server: testing stub value\r\n
    s>     Date: $HTTP_DATE$\r\n
    s>     Location: http://$LOCALIP:$HGPORT/redirected?cmd=capabilities\r\n (glob)
    s>     Content-Type: text/plain\r\n
    s>     Content-Length: 10\r\n
    s>     \r\n
    s>     redirected
    keepalive: http://Envy:$HGPORT/redirected?cmd=capabilities
  The subsequent httppeer test is failing with connection refused.  This looks like as promising a lead as any.  I wonder if this e.read() (and any others) needs to check that the attribute exists first, in case of failures without data available.

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