D2806: tweakdefaults: add commands.status.verbose to tweakefaults

martinvonz (Martin von Zweigbergk) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Mon May 7 11:56:28 EDT 2018

martinvonz added inline comments.


> ui.py:66
> +# Skip the bisect state in conflicts information in `hg status`
> +status.skipstates = bisect

I didn't notice this had changed until now. I've run `hg bisect --bad` to start bisecting twice in the last week or so and hg replies with "The first bad revision is:" etc.  Of course, the reason that happens is because I had not cleared the bisect state from last time. I wonder if we should remove this line since it seems better for new users to include the bisect state reporting and advanced users who have gotten used to running `hg bisect --reset` to start bisecting can instead set the config. What do you think? Augie, how about you (it's you I had in mind with "advanced users can turn it off" :))?

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