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Mon May 21 15:15:49 EDT 2018

4 new changesets (1 on stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   37997:71cf20d47f25
user:        Matt Harbison <matt_harbison at>
date:        Mon May 14 23:00:30 2018 -0400
summary:     phabricator: split auth.url into the standard auth.schemes and auth.prefix
changeset:   37998:5fa4e29ba3e3
user:        David Demelier <markand at>
date:        Mon May 14 13:11:04 2018 +0200
summary:     help: add new deprecated topic
changeset:   37999:514605777244
bookmark:    @
user:        Martin von Zweigbergk <martinvonz at>
date:        Fri May 11 23:28:02 2018 -0700
summary:     revlog: handle errors from index_node() in nt_insert() and index_slice_del()
changeset:   38000:7c05198cd1ca
branch:      stable
tag:         tip
parent:      37980:273ea09f6550
user:        Yuya Nishihara <yuya at>
date:        Tue May 15 22:12:55 2018 +0900
summary:     push: continue without locking on lock failure other than EEXIST (issue5882)

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