D3671: advanceboundary: add dryrun parameter

khanchi97 (Sushil khanchi) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Thu May 31 03:00:50 EDT 2018

khanchi97 added inline comments.


> khanchi97 wrote in phases.py:371
> I thought we would calculate `rejected` only when we are in dryrun mode.

okay its fine. I will remove this unnecessary condition. Because I think `rejected` value can also be used in `phase` method of `mercurial/commands.py` even when we are not in dryrun.

> phases.py:391
> +                                   affected)
> +                changes[phase].update(faffected)
> +            else:

I think I can add `continue` here and prevent `else` from next block.

> pulkit wrote in phases.py:392
> We can prevent this else by returning the values early.

But we are returning values after 'for loop' ends. As I am updating `changes` data in each iteration of loop.
I think we can add `continue` in `if dryrun:` condition and prevent `else`.

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