D6183: copies: add config option for writing copy metadata to file and/or changset

yuja (Yuya Nishihara) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Sat Apr 13 20:26:32 EDT 2019

yuja added a comment.

  >   > It might be nitpicky, but I think it's better to not embed `\0` into the
  >   >  extras field. Almost all extras data are texts, and IIRC we regret that
  >   >  transplant sources are stored in binary form.
  >   Why not? I picked \0 and \n because they won't appear in filenames, so it's convenient in that way.
  I don't remember, but we do store even boolean value as text, not in binary
  `\0`/`\1` form. `transplant_source` is the solo exception.
  And if we pick \0/\n separators, _string_escape() wouldn't be needed
  at the encodecopies() layer.

  rHG Mercurial


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