D6230: rust-dagops: roots

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Mon Apr 15 06:11:39 EDT 2019

gracinet added inline comments.


> kevincox wrote in dagops.rs:96
> I think it is more clear to write `.iter().filter(|p| *p != NULL_REVISION).all(|p| !revs.contains(p))`. This separates the NULLs from the revs you care about and makes that condition easier to parse.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Anticipating on a discussion to have later, I'd like eventually the `Graph::parents()` returns an iterator. The advantages will be made obvious by the (not submitted yet) final changesets of the` PartialDiscovery`  implementation in `hg-core`.  In other words, `NULL_REVISION` and the fact to have exactly two parents should be considered implementation details of the underlying storage.

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