D6260: rust-discovery: takefullsample() core implementation

gracinet (Georges Racinet) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Wed Apr 17 08:27:04 EDT 2019

gracinet added a comment.

  As I've tried to make clear in the changeset description, this is still work in progress.
  That being said, I wanted to put in on display because:
  - together with its descendants, it leads to a drop-in replacement for the Python `partialdiscovery` object
  - it's a good support for feedback on the question of more abstract DAG representations
  - the children cache leads to the same design problem as the `undecided` member attributed had (see https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D6231). I expect to get more across similar issues while translating Python code
  Thanks !

  rHG Mercurial


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