European Mini-Sprint summary (2019-04)

Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at
Thu Apr 18 10:29:06 EDT 2019

Hi everybody,

For those interested, I wrote a summary of the mini-sprint we held 2 
weeks go.

I also copy pasted the text below in case someone want to comment inline.



 From April 4th to April 7th, a group of 12 Mercurial developers and 
users gathered in Paris for hacking and discussing.

     Arthur Lutz (Logilab)
     Boris Feld (Octobus)
     Denis Laxalde (Logilab)
     Georges Racinet (Octobus)
     Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD)
     Manuel Jacob (Pypy)
     Marcin Kizminski (Rhode-Code)
     Philippe Pepiot (Logilab)
     Pierre Verkest (Anybox)
     Pierre-Yves David (Octobus
     Raphaël Gomès (Octobus)
     Simon Sapin (Mozilla)
     Augie Fackler (Google) also made a 1h video call.

The work and discussion covered various aspects of Mercurial.

Denis improved the user experience around hg commit/revert -i FILES and 
wrote an amazing code documentation on the "matcher" classes in the 
Mercurial codebase.

Philippe made some packaging related improvements, clearing up the path 
to experimental python 3 package and looked into including chg into the 
official Debian package.

Boris setup multiple alternative builds in Octobus' Jenkins instance. 
Most notably we now have CI coverage for the hg-git extensions and the 
main test suite of Mercurial using Pypy.

Manuel Jacob worked with Pierre-Yves on offering an option to access 
obsolete changesets in hgweb and during pull/clone. The result of this 
work is currently in review. Manuel also worked on his own on build 
reproduction and fixes to bugs affecting corner cases around rebase, 
evolve and topics.

Georges Racinet mostly worked on various aspects of the Heptapod 
project. He reviewed and integrated various improvements from Thomas 
Riboulet, worked with Arthur to fix various bugs and gathered additional 
feedback, supported Pierre who was installing his own heptapod instance 
and chatted with Marcin, Pierre-Yves (and others) about unifying topic 
based workflow across platforms.

Raphaël worked on various aspect of the Mercurial oxidation with regard 
to status, including the matcher classes that Denis has been 
documenting. He also discussed the interaction of Rust and Python in 
Mercurial with Simon. Finally he worked on ASV to add support for an 
environment matrix in build and test phases, which will ease Mercurial 
benchmarking down the line.

Joerg looked into hg incoming issues with pull-bundle and various hooks 
needed by the NetBSD project. He also discussed with Pierre-Yves the 
ability to filter arbitrary revisions on "shares" for servers with, 
reviewed the "stable-range" feature and discussed its possible 
application for exchanging arbitrary notes applied to changesets at any 
point in time (tags, code signing, CI status, etc.).

Marcin updated evolve and topic versions on Rhode-Code and improved 
topic-based workflow in Rhode-Code. He worked with Marla da Silva 
(Logilab), Pierre-Yves and Georges to bootstrap the first user-focused 
Mercurial conference to happen on May 28th in Paris (France).

Pierre-Yves chatted and worked with various people on various topics, 
obsolescence access, shares filtering, conference, etc. (see above) and 
also worked on integrating various contributions to the evolve extension 
as well as fixed a couple of bug. This work resulted in the release of 
evolve-8.5.0 last week.

Thanks to all who attended and to our 3 hosts, Logilab, Sup'Internet and 
Mozilla Paris

We are looking forward to our next gathering at the end of May around 
the Mercurial user conference.

Pierre-Yves David

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