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Fri Aug 16 22:15:37 EDT 2019

3 new changesets in mercurial:
changeset:   42743:8c9a6adec67a
user:        Georges Racinet <georges.racinet at>
date:        Tue Apr 16 01:16:39 2019 +0200
summary:     rust-discovery: using the children cache in add_missing
changeset:   42744:c5748c6969b9
user:        Georges Racinet on <georges at>
date:        Tue May 21 12:46:38 2019 +0200
summary:     rust-discovery: optimization of add commons/missings for empty arguments
changeset:   42745:4d20b1fe8a72
bookmark:    @
tag:         tip
user:        Georges Racinet <georges.racinet at>
date:        Wed Feb 20 09:04:54 2019 +0100
summary:     rust-discovery: using from Python code

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