Mercurial mini-sprint in Leipzig (Germany) from September 5th to 8th

Manuel Jacob me at
Thu Aug 22 11:18:16 EDT 2019


In addition to the sprints that are hosted about every two minor 
releases, the Mercurial community organizes so called "mini-sprints" in 
irregular intervals.

What's the goal of the mini-sprint?  It's not only an opportunity for 
existing developers to collaborate in person.  Even more importantly, 
it's a chance for mere users to become contributors.  So no matter 
whether you are a long-term contributor or someone wanting to start 
hacking on Mercurial, you will be welcome.

The official dates for the mini-sprint are September 5th to 8th.  The 
largest number of people is expected to stay from Friday (6th) evening 
to Monday morning.  But to make it possible to attend for people only 
having time during the week, the sprint officially starts at Thursday 
(5th) around noon.  That date is flexible.  If a substantial amount of 
people want to come on Monday and Tuesday following the weekend, we can 
extend the dates.

The list of topics is open, but there are some pressing issues:

- Now that BitBucket is going to stop Mercurial hosting, what are the 
alternatives for free Mercurial repository hosting?
- Python 2 will reach End of Life on January 1, 2020.  Before that, 
there'll be only one Mercurial major release.
- Blocking the Python 3 porting on Windows, the code calling the file 
system API on Windows needs to be changed to pass Unicode strings.  If 
there are developers using Windows, we might work on that issue.

The location will be an office in Leipzig, which is easily reachable by 
train.  For example, from Paris it's about 8h for about 60€ – 120€.  
 From Frankfurt airport it's about 3h for about 20€ – 50€.  It provides 
space for around 10 people (more on weekends).

Lunch will be provided for a contribution towards expenses.  At least 2 
sleeping facilities can be provided free of charge.  See the 
registration page for more details.

For registration, send a pull request for the file linked below or send 
me an e-mail.  Of course, if you don't want your name to be listed, I'll 
respect that and add you anonymously.

Please spread the word. :)  Here's this e-mail as a link:


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