Heptapod as a Bitbucket replacement - inviting Mercurial FOSS projects

Georges Racinet georges.racinet at octobus.net
Wed Dec 18 11:05:13 EST 2019

Hi everyone.

We've published earlier this week a post about the use of Heptapod as a 
replacement for Bitbucket :


A key part is that Heptapod is now inviting all generic FOSS projects 
related to Mercurial to come over from Bitbucket to our own Heptapod 
server [1].

People interested should find all needed clarifications and information 
to start such a process in the post linked above. In any case, don't 
hesitate to come and talk with us [2], we'll be glad to answer your 

In that article, you'll find also some more background, a state of our 
Bitbucket import system, and hints at where we're going.


[1] https://dev.heptapod.net

[2] https://heptapod.net/pages/contact-us.html#contact-us

Georges Racinet
https://octobus.net, https://hetpapod.net
GPG: BF5456F4DC625443849B6E58EE20CA44EF691D39, sur serveurs publics

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