D5940: uncommit: add --allowdirtywcopy when possibly hiding data (issue5977)

navaneeth.suresh (Navaneeth Suresh) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Fri Feb 15 14:31:52 EST 2019

navaneeth.suresh added inline comments.


> martinvonz wrote in uncommit.py:140
> Doesn't that mean the whole patch is unnecessary? It pretty much just provides an easier way of saying `--config experimental.uncommitondirtywdir=yes`, doesn't it?

I tried with `--allow-dirty-working-copy` but, it failed to work. I'm also not convinced by the patch now. How do you want me to proceed?

> pulkit wrote in uncommit.py:170
> this should also consider checking the config `experimental.uncommitondirtywdir`.

will correct that.

> pulkit wrote in rewriteutil.py:43
> I am not sure why this is a part of patch. Can you explain?

I imported those from the original PR to the evolve extension version of uncommit. IIUC, this will remove the check in `uncommit.py` and let it do here.

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