D5792: uncommit: added interactive mode(issue6062)

martinvonz (Martin von Zweigbergk) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Thu Feb 21 12:34:34 EST 2019

martinvonz added a comment.

  In https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D5792#87534, @taapas1128 wrote:
  > @martinvonz Sure I will try to unify `_fixdirstate()` and `_uncommitdirstate()`. I will follow on the advancements you made. Should I send the new patch as a follow up or and altogether new patch making the amends in this?
  A new patch please (I've dropped this version). Just pull from the hg-commited repo and make sure it applies there. Note that you'll probably get an obsmarker when you pull, so you may need to `hg touch` some version of this commit in your repo to revive it.

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