D6613: commit: improve the files field of changelog for merges (RFC)

valentin.gatienbaron (Valentin Gatien-Baron) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Tue Jul 9 20:40:41 EDT 2019

valentin.gatienbaron added a comment.

  In D6613#96743 <https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D6613#96743>, @mharbison72 wrote:
  > If this goes forward, can this be gated by a config option (even if it is on by default)?  IIUC, this will change the hash for merges, and then cascade.  That seems problematic for convert operations.
  > Most converts will do things that change hashes anyway, but the default options don't change anything.  This is a convenient behavior for easily migrating to/from LFS, for example.  (In theory, anyway.  In practice, I've seen repos where a convert alters the changelog.)  If there is a config option, convert should probably disable it by default to maintain the current behavior.  I can see a use case for enabling it though, to clean up the repo.
  Given the implementation, it's easy to add a knob to disable the change. But that doesn't seem enough: If you have a repository where commits have been created with a mix of hg before and after this change, there is no single value of the knob that would make convert be the identity.

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