Mercurial mini-sprint in Leipzig

Manuel Jacob me at
Tue Jul 23 22:29:23 EDT 2019


In addition to the sprints that are hosted about every two minor 
releases, the Mercurial community organizes so called "mini-sprints" in 
irregular intervals.

I attended the mini-sprint in April in Paris and I liked the experience, 
so I offered to organize one in Leipzig.  This email is to gather 
information about potential participants and their time preferences.

So what's the goal of the mini-sprint?  It's an opportunity for existing 
developers to collaborate in person.  But even more important, it's a 
chance for mere users to become contributors.  So no matter whether you 
are a long-term contributor or someone wanting to start hacking on 
Mercurial, you will be welcome.

The sprint will be 2-4 days long, depending on demand.  For us, some 
time in August would be ideal.

The location will be an office in Leipzig, which is easily reachable by 
train.  For example, from Paris it's about 8h for about 60€ – 120€.  
 From Frankfurt airport it's about 3h for about 20€ – 50€.  It provides 
space for around 10 people (more on weekends).

Lunch will be provided for a contribution towards expenses.  At least 2 
sleeping facilities can be provided free of charge.

I've created a poll for finding a date:

Please spread the word by forwarding the mail or the link to the poll.


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